Dental filling is the restoration of decayed, broken or cracked teeth with various materials. It is aimed to fulfill the functions of teeth that have lost their essence. This method, which is applied before the decayed tissue progresses, prevents the tooth from being completely lost.

Tooth filling is applied to decayed, broken or damaged teeth for any reason. Deformed teeth regain their former appearance and function after treatment.

It is applied to teeth that have lost substance for various reasons, cannot fulfill their chewing function, do not look aesthetic, or are broken, cracked or decayed as a result of trauma.

aesthetic fillings; It is included in the fillings applied to eliminate the appearance that disturbs the patient in cases where oral cleaning cannot be provided completely, in gapped teeth or in cavities and fractures in the teeth. The filling material closest to the patient's tooth color is selected and the restoration is completed in accordance with the normal form of the outside.

It is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, so only the relevant area is anesthetized and patient comfort is provided.