The coating material we call E Max is porcelain, which is obtained by firing glass ceramic on a crystalline ceramic core that is compressed under pressure without using any metal infrastructure, thereby increasing its durability. They can also be called full porcelain teeth, as they are made entirely of ceramics. In addition, it is one of the most aesthetic materials used in dental prosthesis applications due to its very high light transmittance and lack of metal content. Since aesthetic appearance is the most important point in laminated applications, e-max material is very often preferred.

E Max veneers are frequently used on anterior incisors where aesthetic appearance is the most important, due to their very high light transmittance, natural appearance and longevity. Small molars, which are visible in the mouth and do not exert much force, are another area of ​​use. The best results are obtained with e-max material for coatings to be applied to both anterior teeth and premolars.