If you've lost your teeth due to natural aging or unfortunate injury, dentures can be a great solution. In other words, dental prostheses refer to prostheses that are custom made to replace missing teeth and are made with the option of being mobile. People with dentures have the ability to put them in their mouths and remove them at their own leisure. With today's latest technology, dentures look and feel more realistic than ever before. Although it takes some getting used to, they are almost as similar as real teeth.

There are two main types of prostheses:

  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Prostheses

Each type consists of several options and they all have the same capabilities. Both types consist of a base made of plastic resin that has a natural gum color. This base is placed over the remnant of the alveolar bone ridge. The alveolar bony prominence is where teeth are held by dentures and dentures, where they create a suction effect to hold dentures in place. In order for the prostheses to maintain their position during use, it is very important to install them correctly. The nerves and ligaments in the mouth must be retrained until they can function properly.