Along with the studies, new techniques and methods have been developed for dental implant treatments. Classical implant treatments take approximately 6 - 18 months with recovery times. However, thanks to the new technologies and techniques used in our clinic, dental implant treatment can be performed in 24 hours. Computer aided imaging technologies and scans, 3D models are used and personalized designs are created.

Implant Treatment in 24 hours, which can be applied in single tooth implants and in cases where all teeth are missing, is a much more practical and easier application than conventional dental implant treatments. Treatment ensures that patients with missing and needing teeth have aesthetic and useful teeth as soon as possible.

Treatment varies according to the person's mouth structure and dental condition. After the examination of our specialist and experienced dentists, the most appropriate implant treatment method is decided. If the patient's oral health is suitable, Dental Implants can be made in 24 hours.

Bone density in the cavity area is very important in implant treatment. Bone density is determined by 3D tomographic imaging techniques. In case of insufficient bone density, the area can be supported using bone grafts. After the amount of bone reaches the required density and healing is achieved, Dental Implant treatment can be applied in 24 hours. Implant Treatment in 24 hours is successful and hassle-free if performed by specialist and experienced dentists. Severe pain does not occur after this treatment, which does not require major operations.

For Implant Treatment, first impressions are taken from the lower and upper jaws of the patient using impression silicones. Tomographic images of the patient's jaw closing positions are taken and the impression is transferred to the plaster model. The size and type of implants are determined in the most appropriate way. Since soft tissues can be calculated with flapless surgical procedure using stents designed specifically for the patient, implants can be placed in the most appropriate position. As the final stage, the treatment is terminated by coating with a personalized abutment.

The healing period of dental implant treatments is 3 months for the upper jaw and 2 months for the lower jaw. Since the teeth are attached to the implants without waiting for the healing process in the 24-hour dental implant treatment, it is important for the healing process that the patients do not consume too much hard foods and keep the teeth away from compelling stresses.

Not interrupting oral care after implant treatment is very important for the healing process. Inadequate and irregular oral care may cause infection around the implants and prevent their fusion with the bone. After the treatment, the implants are used for life with good oral care.

While classical dental implant treatment lasts for an average of 6-18 months, we provide you with 24 hours of Implant Treatment in our clinic, with our expert physicians and advanced technology, allowing you to save time. If your oral health and dental condition are suitable, you can have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in 24 hours.